Welcoming the New Active Commute

Welcoming the New Active Commute

It feels like we’re finally getting somewhere. Vaccination efforts are getting great traction and a return to a new normal seems just around the corner. Even though many of us have gotten used to working from home, it appears the “back to office” transition is coming soon. Of course, this also means we need to dust off those work clothes, grab our backpacks, and for our fantastic customers - it also means making use of the innovative and timely VentaPak backpack spacer to get that airflow between your back and your pack.

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As you’re preparing for returning to the office, we want you to take into account that commutes are a big part of your day. More importantly, how you feel when you get to your destination plays a big part in setting up your day. What we want to do is to change your commutes for the better so that you can start enjoying it more. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to start associating your backpack bike or walk to work with a cool breeze? 

In the past, commuting to work with a backpack, whether walking or biking, almost always meant, especially during warm weather, that you’d enjoy such great experiences as:  

  • A damp, almost wet, shirt sticking to your back 
  • A backpack, snuggling into your back with its inventory saying hello to your spine or ribs 

However, we believe that commutes can be better and more comfortable than they were before. We want people to be cooler as they commute and to finally have a solution for the dreaded sweaty back problem. Fixing these discomforts and commute problems was the reason why VentaPak was created and launched during the pandemic.

Health, sustainability, and activity

Even though most of our socializing over the last year has been through social media, video calls, and the occasional outdoor meetups, we’ve noticed a very clear trend in what really matters to people.

In a time where we have faced grave threats to our health, we more actively think about the importance of community and the wellbeing of ourselves and the people we love. As a result, it’s now clearer to many of us that we want a more sustainable, independent, everyday life. This is why we’re seeing a surge in people who are biking, going on hikes, and enjoying the outdoors. 

People also value even more freedom and independence in how they work and where they work. 

The increased emphasis on being healthy and enjoying the outdoors is fueling the active commute boom.   People have discovered the joy of biking and walking to work and are investing like never before in bikes and gear that make their commute even better.

Why wouldn’t you bike to work?

If you observe people on your way to work, you’ll notice that more people choose to ride a bike to work than ever before. 

Biking to work is not only healthy, it is liberating, invigorating, and enjoyable. Not only are you freed from public transport schedules pressuring you and dictating your schedule.

You can choose your own path and move with greater freedom than before. A major drawback for many is that once you arrive at work, you have to contend with a big sweat patch on your back and you’d much rather be cool and comfortable on your way there. At least - these used to be problems. Now you can just use your VentaPak and you’ll always have the pack suspended from your back to ensure great ventilation and comfort. The only question left, really, is why wouldn’t you bike to work?

Sustainability is possible! 

Do you remember the early months of the pandemic, where we saw pictures of cities and lakes clearing up? The water was clearer and the sky more blue and clean. There was a real beauty to it (even if the dolphins returning in Venice turned out not to be true!) and it was easy to imagine a greener and cleaner world.  

The question now is whether or not this environmental sustainability can be upheld in any way once we return to “normal.”

Did you know that we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted?

For every VentaPak purchase, we will plant one tree!

Mental, physical, and environmental sustainability and wellbeing are at the heart of what we believe in. That’s where we strongly believe that biking and walking to work whenever possible can play a small, but important role. VentaPak’s aspiration and mission is simply to help make the “new commute” experience more comfortable, cool, and enjoyable. No matter whether you’re walking or biking to work, we want to help you enjoy the commute more. With VentaPak, you'll get amazing airflow that allows your back to feel a cool breeze while distributing backpack weight more evenly.    

At the end of the day, we hope you will join us in welcoming the new active commute!

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