A solution for backpack suffocation and sweat.

'It will improve airflow and reduce the dreaded sweaty back after riding in warm weather or anytime pedaling uphill'

Support your body in all its adventures

'VentaPak improves posture by prompting you to square you shoulders back to better support the detached weight'

Go further and go better

'The VentaPak is a lightweight, low profile accessory that transforms wearing a backpack into a more comfortable, cool and dry experience.'

Why VentaPak?

VentaPak instantly upgrades your backpack to the next level. Developed together with physical therapists, and leading industrial designers, it tackles all of your backpack issues in one go.

Increase airflow

Our unique design creates a high to low pressure airflow you can really feel.

Reduce back strain

Its ergonomic design guarantees you can comfortably carry any weight.

Improve posture

Experience the benefits of healthy posture long after you take your backpack off.

How people use their VentaPak

Outdoor adventures

"I'm a female ultralight backpacker and trail guide. The VentaPak is super comfortable and is well made with quality features and design. The frames are fully adjustable and holds my frameless backpack securely!"

Christy D, USA

Daily commute

This accessory has made my favourite bag so much more breathable, and my posture feels better. When i ride my bike to work now, i am stunned by how much cooler my back feels. It feels like it shouldn't be possible. I look forward to using this for many years to come.

Kyle Rector, UK


This product is amazing! I am a photographer in Amsterdam and i am always carrying around a backpack loaded with camera gear either on my bike or walking through the city. In summer it is a nightmare always carrying it on one shoulder so my back can air out but now i have a VentaPak it has changed completly, I no longer have a sweaty back.

Mike, the Netherlands

Health and wellness

I'm a September 11th survivor and i have to use a portable oxygen concentrator or oxygen tanks on a daily basis. I came across the VentaPak and I'm thrilled i did. The structure is secure and strong enough to sustain disperse the weight of a fairly large oxygen tank.

M. Thornton, USA

Comfort in three easy steps:


Pick your VentaPak size (small or regular) based on the size of your backpack. Our two sizes fit all standard backpacks.


Attach the VentaPak to your backpack in less than a minute, and easily adjust the straps for your desired location.


Get out there! VentaPak keeps you dry and gives you the support you need to explore the world. Need a rest? Detach the VentaPak easily and use it as a headrest too!