How to use

VentaPak is incredibly easy to attach to any backpack! With clips and tension adjusting buckles you can optimize the position and support for every type of use. When biking with a heavy backpack, for example, we recommend maximizing tension to keep your pack right off your back, with extra support.

1 - Buckle

Buckle the two vertical straps together. Pull on the loose end to increase mesh tension and separation of your pack and back.

2 - Clip

Clip the side release buckle around backpack top straps, and cinch to tighten.

3 - Secure

Place the lower backpack strap into the buckle. Snap the buckle close, making sure straps are towards the bottom (hinge). Apply force as needed.

4 - Optimize

Loosen or tighten backpack straps to position backpack with VentaPak. Then, pull or loosen ends of the VentaPak vertical straps to optimize tension and separation of pack from back.