We love our backpacks and rely on them to carry our stuff wherever we go - work, school, hiking, travelling, wherever.

But sometimes they really bother us. Why? They trap heat and make our backs hot and sweaty. They also weigh down, press into, and strain our shoulders and backs

Backpack wearers know these issues and talk about them online and offline. While some backpacks try to address these problems, they tend to be inadequate and partial solutions that don't work very well, even with high end backpacks

I was fed up of having my back suffocated and hot as I biked to work. Then walking into work and the elevator and hallways with a sweat drenched shirt, which I had to change out of in a bathroom stall.

I realized the solution was to “get my pack off my back” and create major separation and airflow.

I created crude prototypes that validated the concept and, encouraged by early fans, worked, through several iterations with leading industrial designers.

The VentaPak delivers more ventilation than any backpack we have seen and tried. It also improves posture and back ergonomics, as leading physical therapists have observed and appreciated about the VentaPak. By shifting the pack off the back, the top strap approaches the shoulders more horizontally, tugging them back gently.  This and the mesh pressing into the lumbar area, make one more upright vs. slumped forward (as backpacks are known to do to people).

The mesh also distributes pack load more evenly and comfortably across the back, solving for the problem of items digging into your back.

VentaPak is a proud supporter and contributor to Bikes For Kids Foundation.

We are excited to be launching our product on Kickstarter.

Please support our mission to transform backpack comfort and buy and enjoy one of the first VentaPaks!


Mark Dingle