Sierra Carrere
(Musician and Artist)
In my 5 years of using a bicycle for my main mode of transportation in New York City, I wish I’d had a VentaPak because having sweaty back was all too common a thing. If I had had the VentaPak, it would’ve kept my shirt dry and fresh throughout the day! An added bonus is that it helps keep your backpack nicely aligned in the center of your back whereas my other backpacks would slide side-to-side on my back when I would stand on my pedals to go up bridges, throwing off my weight. This design creates a snug fit with plenty of airflow so your pack stays in place and you don’t get overheated. I love it!
Donald Zerio
(PT, DPT, Physical Therapist)
As a physical therapist, I always see people hunched over as they carry their backpacks on their commute. The VentaPak is great as an ergonomic aid - as soon as you put it on you can feel how it prevents your thoracic spine and shoulders from rounding forward when in standing postures. It's also very comfortable! I would recommend this to anyone suffering from neck or lower back pain that has to wear a backpack daily.
Jackie Hamilton
(Real Estate Finance)
I’ve been a fan of the VentaPak since the early days of its creation. Like a Herman Miller Aeron chair, it keeps me comfortable and cool when wearing a backpack. I also like the way it lifts the shoulder straps off my back and makes themapproach more horizontal, so they tug back on my shoulders and improve walking and standing posture.
Tim Powell
(Management Consultant and Musician)
When I had a chance to try the VentaPak, I was sold immediately.  It attaches quickly and seamlessly to my own backpack, distributing the weight better and making it noticeably more balanced and comfortable.  Promotes the continued health of my back, too.  Thanks, VentaPak — we needed this clever, elegantly simple device!
Winston Shih
(Digital Marketing Executive)
I tried the VentaPak for cycling and traveling to see if it helps reduce my sweaty back problem. Not only did it keep my t-shirt dry while I pedaled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on a hot and humid day, but it distributed the weight more evenly across the whole of my back making the load in my pack more comfortable.
I used it for a weekend trip from NYC to Toronto too. Again, my back stayed cool while I walked through the airport. I overloaded my pack with heavy electronics, but it didn't feel so heavy because the VentaPak spread the weight across a wider area of my back. I now keep the VentaPak attached to my favorite backpack all the time!
Michael Paolucci
(Serial Entrepreneur)
I bought five VentaPaks for my family, having seen how well it works and its ease of use.    It makes so much sense that we wondered why it doesn’t already exist.   My daughters, all students, are enthused to carry their things more comfortably, and I look forward to biking and traveling with it.