Reduce Back Strain and Pack Sway

VentaPak backpack accessory attaches to your backpack and easily reduces back strain and pack sway by distributing the weight of the backpack evenly across your back.

VentaPak Set Closer to Your Back

Reduce Chances of Discomfort, Pain, and Back Injury for hike with a heavy backpack


The lightweight backpack spacer

Backpack weight is distributed more evenly across your back by the mesh.

Non-flat items will no longer dig into your back and your pack won't sway and bump as much.

Whether carrying gear, groceries, or sports equipment, your backpack will be more comfortable, like a quality mesh chair e.g, Herman Miller Aeron.

Reduce backpack strain by getting your own VentaPak

Get your pack off your back


  • VentaPak-reduces-back

    "Effective at separating your back from your backpack"

    I wear a backpack to work every day. Found that my back I got hot walking around almost every day covered in sweat. I got the ventapak to aleviage this and so far so good! Really works!

    Clinton B
  • VentaPak-reduces-back

    " backpack now feels 10x lighter."

    Thanks to VentaPak, my backpack now feels 10x lighter. Books and things in my backpack no longer bounce against my back as the mesh suspension keeps it on my back better and more comfortably. I also like how it pulls my shoulders back a bit and keeps my back cooler.

    Craig H.
  • VentaPak-reduces-back-strain

    Saved my back!

    I walk dogs and have to carry several heavy things in my backpack daily. This product saved my back! I walk between 8-16 miles a day and after using it one day I could tell a big difference. My back wasn’t nearly as tight or sore. It gave great support and helped my posture. I bought this in the winter so I don’t yet know how it will help with air flow and ventilation, but I’m sure it will help a lot to keep me cooler during the hot months.

    Jennifer T